Adopt A Block

Adopt-A-Block is an outreach street ministry geared toward meeting the needs of impoverished people in the neighborhoods of Springfield.   Meet weekly for Scripture and prayer before departing in groups to visit the same houses each week.  Through doing this, we are able to build relationships with these people, meet their needs, and reflect God’s love into their lives.  Our desire is that through these relationships, the people would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior,
Because of these encounters, many of these people have decided to come to Church.  This gives us more and deeper opportunities to feed them both physically and spiritually, as they allow God to work and grow in their lives.  Adopt-A-Block becomes a part of many of these people’s testimonies, as they likely would not have come to Christ when they did had those doing Adopt-A-Block not allowed God to use them in that situation.
To further harvest these relationships, we also host Adopt-A-Block Parties, Ladies Day Makeovers, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, and other such opportunities that allow us to intentionally invest in the lives of others.
Are YOU willing to make a difference?